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    When you work with RISE, you’ll connect with our experienced leadership team who will work directly on your project, from beginning through completion. The benefits of hands-on partner involvement are predictable results and lower risk.
    As our region’s largest construction management firms have grown, the strain of supporting larger infrastructures and being pulled in many directions takes a toll on efficiencies and cost controls. We know that world, because we were part of that world. We bring the sophistication of large organizations, but with agility that only comes with a smaller team.
    We have genuine relationships with Boston’s best subcontractors to ensure our work is executed by experienced professionals with a track record of success. Our constructive relationships with our business partners provide unique insight and opportunities to best manage projects.


  • Jim Grossmann
    Jim Grossmann
    Founder and CEO
  • Brian Anderson
    Brian Anderson
    Founder and Partner
  • Brian Regan
    Brian Regan
  • Chris Grossmann
    Chris Grossmann
  • Eric Gould
    Eric Gould
  • John Hernon
    John Hernon
  • Jeremy Henry
    Jeremy Henry
    Business Development
  • Jon Linehan
    Jon Linehan
  • Lisa Christopher
    Lisa Christopher
  • Scott Holmes
    Scott Holmes
    Chief Financial Officer


Our team has worked on the largest and most complicated commercial construction projects in the New England region. From start to finish, we worked directly with owners, municipalities, and the trades on buildings that have reshaped Boston’s skyline. Notable projects we were directly involved in include:


  • Spice Street
    Spice Street
  • 270 Dorchester Avenue
    270 Dorchester Avenue
    South Boston
  • Allston Square
    Allston Square
  • Blue Hill Ave
    Blue Hill Ave
  • 76 Ashford Place
    76 Ashford Place
  • 330 C Street
    330 C Street
    South Boston


“The RISE team is integral to every stage of any real estate development. Fulcrum have consistently found every member of the Rise team to be expert in not just pre-construction and construction, but all real estate related matters. They are very attentive to getting projects and the complexity of steps involved done right, timely, and within the original budget. Rise values relationships with all constituents and they are always ready, and willing to help even with items that would not normally be considered within their responsibilities. Rise has been a true partner in every possible way.”

Scott D. Brown, CFA
CEO Fulcrum Global Investors, LLC

“RISE exemplifies the ‘partnership approach’ in working with us—they are constantly acting well beyond the typical vendor, and finding ways to add value, reduce cost, and improve the final product, in ways that benefit us and our investors. Their ability to think like a developer and owner differentiates their approach to construction management.”

Pat Dooling, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Navem Partners LLC

“RISE adds value to every step of the construction process. Their pre-construction services are key in identifying cost savings and value add potential before any shovels hit the ground. During construction, they bring unparalleled expertise and connections to identify the right partners and subcontractors to get the job done on time and on budget. They even go the extra mile to assist in marketing, coordinating well with our marketing teams to facilitate hard hat tours and answer questions from buyers. They are an asset to any developer.”

Fred Starikov, Managing Partner
City Realty

“In my 32 years’ experience in the development business, The Four Seasons at One Dalton was the most complicated project I have been involved with. It would not have been possible to execute without Jim Grossmann’s leadership. His knowledge of the construction process and logistics was critical in getting the project off the ground. His problem solving skills are second to none, and his consistent oversight kept the project on track over many difficult hurdles.”

Darren Messina, Executive Vice President
Carpenter and Company, Inc.

“The relationships Jim Grossmann fosters truly sets him apart. His leadership, his intimate knowledge of construction, and his ability to bring all parties together to coalesce around a highly strategic approach resulted in our project not only being delivered ahead of schedule but nearly dollar for dollar at the original GMP. That attention and care to the relationships he develops make him one of the greatest problem solvers in the business delivering tangible results on all fronts.”

Matt Edlen, Director of Acquisitions & Development
Gerding Edlen

“In addition to managing the day to day activities of a $1B+ construction business in Boston, Jim Grossmann was often required to engage personally by client request. Jim is able to manage at high level both vertically and horizontally in a humble but confident manner while building collaboration and inclusion into the team and the process. Jim has built a solid reputation with his clients based on his hard work, strategic thinking, endurance to persevere & overcome and the ability to develop trust based on these qualities.”

Shawn Seaman, Chief Operating Officer
The Fallon Company

“Jim brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our projects. Having him lend his insight is invaluable in terms of helping us shape the design. Whether it’s around constructibility or navigating through the various agencies, utility companies and other parties involved, his input helps really push our project along. In this economy where everyone is so busy and in demand, having someone like Jim who provides the time needed for a successful job is wonderfully refreshing.”

Dartagnan Brown, Founder & CEO